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An AI Copilot trained on your data for better Rate Case Outcomes

utilityGPT represents a leap forward in modernizing the rate case process for a clean and green future.

Your Rate Case AI Copilot is here.

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Utility AI

Utility AI

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Understanding the Rate Case Process

Our first product from utilityGPT is RateCaseAI

Before delving into the significance of Rate Case AI, let's briefly recap the rate case process. When a utility company seeks to adjust its rates, it must undergo a comprehensive examination by regulators to justify the proposed changes.


This process involves submitting extensive documentation, conducting hearings, and addressing stakeholder concerns. The rate case process is not only time-consuming but also demands meticulous data analysis and legal expertise.

Furthermore, with the introduction of Clean Energy Initiatives, the Rate Cases are more complex and garner more public attention than ever before.


What We Offer

In the ever-evolving world of utilities, efficient and fair rate case proceedings are crucial for both utility companies and consumers. However, the traditional rate case process can often be arduous, time-consuming, and laden with complexities. Enter Rate Case AI, a groundbreaking new product that promises to revolutionize the rate case process for utilities. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Rate Case AI offers a transformative solution that streamlines and enhances every aspect of the rate case procedure.

Efficient Data Analysis

One of the most time-consuming aspects of a rate case is data analysis. Rate Case AI automates this process by swiftly analyzing massive amounts of utility data, financial records, and customer information.

Real-time Decision Support

Rate Case AI provides real-time decision support to utility companies throughout the rate case process. From the initial stages of preparing the case to addressing regulatory feedback, the AI system offers valuable insights and drafts recommendations based on comprehensive data analysis

Quality & Risk Assessment

Navigating regulatory compliance and identifying potential risks are critical components of a rate case. Rate Case AI enables you to  flag potential compliance issues and identify areas of concern, enabling utilities to proactively address them. By minimizing regulatory risks, utilities can operate with greater confidence and efficiency.

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